LOPSA Elections for 2011 coming up fast!

The LOPSA Elections are coming up on June 1st! This is the most heavily contested year yet, with 14 candidates on the ballot for only 9 seats.

I am on the ballot again, and I hope you all vote for me to continue my work on the LOPSA Board of Directors. I have a lot more work to do and even more projects in the works, so I need more time to get things done.


Blitzkrieg Branding: a new class at PICC11

PICC11 is around the corner, and I'm teaching a completely new class!

New Job; New City

So, I've been silent for so long because I was working heavy hours on a very consuming project for my previous employer. However, I've now finished that project and moved on to what I hope is a very long term post at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), an I live in the Knoxville, TN, USA area now.


LOPSA teachs classes for SCaLE University again

SCaLE is coming up fast! Sign up for SCaLE-U classes taught by LOPSA instructors!

Register now to reserve your seat at the table for these highly acclaimed courses by seasoned instructors.

Hope to see you all there!

LOPSA Elections next week!

The next elections for the LOPSA Board of Directors is next week!

Please review my candidate statement, and please vote for me if you are a current member of LOPSA. At the very least, vote!


Moving along...

So, as mentioned in a recent post, I relocated for a job. Well, I relocated for complex reasons, but it was initiated by a job offer. As mentioned in a previous post, I now work for D. E. Shaw Research, LLC in Endicott, NY. We relocated the farm operation to Brackney, PA just over the NY/PA border.

The hauling of stuff, animals, and people is complete, but there is much work left in unpacking and re-organizing everything from normal daily life to animal care-taking.


Tap... Tap... Is this thing on?

I usually use MarsEdit for posting to this and other blogs, but that means I always have to log into the web GUI and manually tell the Drupal Twitter module to send a notice of a new post.

After digging around for a short bit, I discovered that I might be able to automagically do this with Drupal Triggers.

This post is a test of that functionality while posting via the web GUI.

Thank you for reading this non-emergency broadcast test.


Movin' movin' movin'...

For everyone who, like me, got excited that I was actually posting... Okay, for those few who read my recent postings and finally got interested, I am in the process of packing up my farm and moving almost 900 miles. This process will be complete in the first week of June.

Expect topics in June and beyond like how to evaluate inventory management needs and systems for small to mid-size operations, the burdens and costs of frequent travel, and inventing new wheels because there are no wheels that solve a particular problem.


Mind mapping is the new brainstorming

I've heard the mind mapping term tossed about here and there for years, but I never really understood how it differed from plain old brainstorming from the days of yore. I felt my storming mind needed a little orderly mapping, and below I outline how that process unfolded.

RSS vs. Productivity: It doesn't have to be winner takes all

In my Twitter vs. Productivity entry (published mere minutes before this one), I outlined how I tweaked my Twitter usage to use the tool more effectively.


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